Holding Your 21st At Ombrellos

Terms and Conditions.

We want you to have a great 21st at Ombrellos, but it’s important that you understand our house rules. These are in place to protect you and your event as well as our venue!


Use of Venue

Ombrellos does not charge a venue hireage fee for use of their premises for groups of over 50 people. We usually have a limit of 75 people for a single function. If your group is expecting to be less than 50 people a minimum spend of $1500 may be required. This total includes use of audio visual equipment, security, food, the remainder of the balance for your tab and any money spent by your guests.  At our discretion you will be allocated either our main bar or villa bar for your event, each of which has its own entry, toilets, bar facilities and outdoor area.


Please note that reservation of Ombrellos does not entitle guests to determine hours of opening, provide entry to guests deemed intoxicated, unsuitably dressed or anti-social, compel staff to serve alcohol to minors or undertake any other activities that contravene the Sale of Liquor Act.



You can begin your function from 7pm on all nights except for Fridays and Saturdays, where exclusive use of the main bar is not available until 8pm. The bar will be closed by 12:00am unless prior arrangements have been made.

 Once the bar has been closed, guests are required to leave the premises within 30 minutes. Transport options are available.



The minimum spend on food is $10 per person, based on the number of people attending, chosen from our range of menus. The number of attendees should be confirmed no later than seven days prior to your function. Please talk to us about any dietary requirements.

Birthday cakes may be purchased through Ombrellos or brought in from elsewhere. No other food or beverage may be brought onto the premises without prior arrangement.




Beverages and Bar Tabs

Beverages can be selected from the full range available at Ombrellos. You can choose to provide your guests with complementary drinks – where all costs are allocated to your bar tab, or provide your guests with subsidised drinks – where you pay a percentage of the cost and your guest pays the balance (eg- 50% off drinks where your guests pay half and the other half goes on your tab). You are also able to nominate guests who are exempt from the subsidy.

You can specify the upper limit of your bar tab, after which Ombrellos will offer a cash bar, or close your function.

You can choose to limit the selection of drinks available on your tab (for example, to house beers and wines and non alcoholic beverages).  Some non-alcoholic beverages must be made available on your tab.

Please note: Ombrellos will not supply 21 shots of spirits to any patron as this contravenes the terms of our liquor license. Please ask us about alternatives.

Ombrellos will refuse service to intoxicated patrons and require them to leave the premises. Transport options are available.



Ombrellos can offer screens for electronic photo displays, wireless microphones for speeches and you can play your own music through our I-pod connection. You are welcome to bring in a band or DJ – please ask us if you need recommendations.  Any bands playing in the courtyard area need to be finished by 11:30pm due to being in a residential area.


Decorating the Premises

Ombrellos is a very pretty venue that requires little decoration! If you wish to bring flowers, balloons etc please do so, but please, no glitter, sprays or cellotape on our walls.



It is compulsory to hire a security guard for 21st Functions at a cost of $30 per hour. Security is there to protect your function and Ombrellos property and remains at all times under the direction of Ombrellos staff. If your function is for more than 75 people 2 security staff will be required from 10pm (minimum payment for each security personnel is 4 hours).



Exclusion from the Premises

Any patron, including the birthday person or members of their family, arriving intoxicated, attempting to bring alcohol onto the premises or discovered with alcohol purchased elsewhere on the premises will be denied entry for the entire evening without exception.

Any patron, including the birthday person or members of their family, who becomes intoxicated or otherwise antisocial on Ombrellos property will be required to leave the premises.

Any patron found to be deliberately damaging Ombrellos property will be required to leave the premises.

If you notice a person on the premises who is not a member of staff or part of your function please alert the staff or security immediately – we will take care of removing them for you. If you require your guests to produce identification upon entry please let us know.

If anyone is asked to leave the premises for one of these reasons and attempts to regain entry forcefully this may result in the entire function being closed down. Any agreed costs will still be charged for the function.


Payment and Deposit

A deposit of $250 is required to the bank account below to confirm your reservation after which we will refuse other reservations for the evening. This deposit will be refunded after your function unless there has been damage to the property or substantial breakages.

Where the manager on duty considers damage/breakages to be substantial, the deposit will be withheld until a full inspection of the premises can take place.

Full payment is required on the night of your function unless prior arrangements have been made.


Confirmation and Cancellation

Confirming your reservation requires Ombrellos to turn away other business for that date. Your reservation is therefore not considered confirmed until your deposit is paid and you have signed and returned this form. We ask that this be completed within 14 days of inquiry.

Ombrellos will refund 100% of your deposit if a cancellation is made more than six weeks in advance and 50% for cancellations between three and six weeks in advance. No refund will be provided for cancellations made within three weeks of the function.


Deposits can be made to:


Loboski Hospitality Services Ltd



Please use the Name and Date of the function booking as reference fields


I have read and understand the terms and conditions of holding this function at Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar


Name _____________________________________________


Signed ____________________________________________


Date of Function__________________________________


Please scan and email to bookings@ombrellos.co.nz or post to 10 Clarendon  St, Dunedin.


21st MENUS

Option 1 - Ham            $10pp (min 30pax)
Grazing platters - meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, breads and dips
OR Hot spring rolls, samosas and jalapeno bites

Light buffet of hot carved ham, warm rolls, salads and sauces 


Option 2 - Pizza          $10pp (min 30pax)
Grazing platters - meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, breads and dips
OR Hot spring rolls, samosas and jalapeno bites

Selection of pizzas and hot chips

Option 3 – The Works    
$15pp (min 30pax)
Grazing platters - meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, breads and dips
OR Hot spring rolls, samosas and jalapeno bites

Selection of pizzas and hot chips
AND Light buffet of hot carved ham, warm rolls, salads and sauces 




House Package
Carrick Sauvignon Blanc, Rabbit Ranch Pinot Gris, Babich Chardonnay Babich Merlot and Babich Syrah
(Other wines including bubbly may also be available)
$9 per 150ml glass
Premium Craft Beer
(minimum of five tap beers excluding high-alcohol/special reserve pours)
$8 per 360ml glass

Soft Drink
$4 per glass


$4.5 per glass

Add-ons including spirits, bubbly and cocktails are possible.