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Wigram : Wee Reeky

9.50 / 12

Peat Smoked Scotch Ale, crafted with 10 different malts, creating a complex malt character. - ABV 6.8

Wigram : Crazy Mountain Rye

9 / 11.50

This Rye Ale has 50% malted rye, as well as barley and wheat malts. Dry hopped with subtle English and NZ hop varieties complementing the earthy and subtle spice of Rye. - ABV 5

Croucher : Low Rider

9 / 11.50

A true ‘big flavoured’ light beer that won Gold at 2013 BrewNZ Awards - ABV 2.5

Birkenhead Brewing : Pacific Pale Ale

9.50 / 12

A distinctly New Zealand Pale Ale that delivers a nose of sweet tropical fruit and resinous pine. Full of citrus zest, fresh grapefruit and woody herbaceous hop flavours. - ABV 4.6

Funk Estate : Rock Steady XPA

9.50 / 12

A light Malt base with a touch of wheat. U.S Summit hops with a touch of Kiwi hops for that spicy Citrus and Passion fruit tang - ABV 4.2

Zeffer : Crisp Apple Cider

9.50 / 12

Light, refreshing and crisp. Does what it says in the label! - ABV 5

Epic Hidden World G&T

/ 12

Foraged from long forgotten and far flung regions of the New Zealand wilderness. Guardian Gin is a quintessentially NZ tasting small batch distilled gin. A blend of intense spicy native pepper trees Kawakawa and Horopito with a classic juicy Juniper base and burst of NZ grown Limes and Lemons. - ABV 14

Funk Estate Get Up Get Down

9.50 / 12

Dry Hopped Sour Ale, Nose and taste have a great balance of dusty funk and bright tangy citrus fruit, moderate tartness, white wine grape, tropical grassy notes and soft rustic doughy grain in the finish. - ABV 4

Golden Goose Lager

8.50 / 11

A hoppy golden lager. No shell, no feathers, just pure gold. - ABV 4

Brew Moon : Sitting Bull IPA

9.50 / 12

An American hopped IPA with plenty of citrus and tropical hop flavour brought about by a swathe of Centennial Citra and simcoe. - ABV 7

B Effect : Disfunction Junction Pale Ale

9 / 11.50

A pale malt bill with loads of NZ hops and cross fermented red wine and American ale yeasts - ABV 6

ProTea : Kombucha

6 /

Kombucha is a locally made fermented ice tea drink, which tastes great, is very low in sugar and is said to have some health benefits from its live culture.

Villa Bar

Emerson’s : 1812- Pale Ale

7.50 / 10

Well-balanced. One of New Zealand’s first new generation pale ales - ABV 5

Emerson’s : Hop Wops Session Pale Ale

9 / 11.50

Lightly tropical in flavour with a fresh hoppy finish. The perfect beer before you have a beer - ABV 4

Emerson’s : Pilsner

7.50 / 10

Kiwi classic with citrus and passionfruit aromas - ABV 4.9