Conferences and meetings

Need to book a meeting or a conference? no problem at all.

 Ombrellos is the ideal place to book an office meeting away from your phone during office hours. We have state of the art WI-FI, an HD projector and screen, TV screens and 4 different spaces you can choose (subject to availability). Our projector and screen is $20 for 4 hours, but completely free if you book for a minimum of 4 meals.

How does this work?

If you book for food/beverages there is no need to pay. Sounds cost effective? it actually is! so, this is how it works:

Tell us what type of conference or meeting you are planning on the day, the number of people coming, the duration and the time you want to book it and we will set a minimum spenditure per person. It is as simple as:

If the meeting is in the morning: Guest just need to order brunch/lunch (we take orders in advance)

If the meeting is in the afternoon: Guests just need to order bar food ($10 minimum per guest)

If the meeting is just an one hour interview: Just one beverage per person is enough.

If the meeting is all day: 2 meals per person will cover it.

Otherwise: projector and screen are $20 to hire for 4 hours. On premise only.

Our conferencing spaces

The Villa (street side): fits up to 20 people, ideal for conferences

The Villa bar: fits up to 14 people, ideal for brainstorming sessions

PDR (Private dinning room) fits 10 people, ideal for interviews, quiet private meetings

Crows nest: Ideal for workshops and private meetings


Other services:

Coffee reception and breaks

fruit and slices platters

sandwich rounds

debrief/end of day beverages 

printing (charged per page)